Promoting a more functional quality of life

Caregivers Institute is a division of Guardian Healthcare, which was co-founded by husband-and-wife Jose and Zoraida de la Rosa.

After observing his wife’s work, a Spanish-speaking nurse provided dedicated care to her patients and was often the only nurse able to provide such care in their preferred language. Jose first launched Guardian Healthcare, a home care agency that provides healthcare services to people in their homes. They close the cultural competency gap by providing bilingual nurses, therapists, and home health aides to many people who otherwise were ignored by healthcare providers. Also, Jose maintains his commitment to civic and community engagement. As a Latino and Business community leader, Jose often participates in charitable sponsorships, panel discussions, and speaking engagements. He’s been recognized by FORTUNE Magazine’s 2017 list of top 100 urban businesses, Boston Business Journals’ 2017 Power 50 list, 2016 Minority Business Owner of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration, and as the 2017 Excellence in Service Award Recipient by ALPHA.”

In addition to providing exceptional care to mostly underserved communities, they have established Caregiver Institute to train individuals who want to pursue a career in healthcare. From skilled nurses bringing the specialized care you need at home to home health aides helping a family member age at home, we are passionate about producing the best healthcare professionals who are dedicated to helping our clients stay healthy and safe in their homes and their communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality and customized healthcare training to individuals who want to venture into a healthcare career, bringing specialized & culturally-competent care to all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the top choice for caregiver training and home care services in the communities we serve.